juicypuffin (juicypuffin) wrote in learn_icelandic,

Nintendo DS Icelandic-English Dictionary / Slang words in Icelandic

Sometime in the future (this summer or later) if it's possible I want to start making a touchscreen Icelandic-English dictionary for the Nintendo DS. This would mean putting together existing dictionaries and updating them if needed, considering most of the dictionaries out there are fairly old.

I'm looking for words, phrases, and meanings that probably wouldn't be in existing dictionaries, whether that's slang words or unusual words. Updated definitions would also be very helpful. If anyone could think of some, I'd add them to the dictionary as I make it.

Last note: Don't get your hopes up on it being finished soon, it could take two years or more. Also, my computer died and I lost most of my data so it could be a long time before I make another magazine.
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