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Selling books + DVDs

Prices in USD and include shipping to anywhere in the world. If you want two books, no discount - if one book is $5 and one is $10 your total will be $15. I accept paypal and physical money in any currency/international money orders/American checks (at your own risk), or bank transfers if you can transfer to an Icelandic or American account.

These things MUST go. If no one takes them I'm literally throwing them in the trash. Some of the photos aren't resized when you click on the thumbnail.
This selling post will be open and available until I take it down when we have to move, so if you are reading this it means you can still buy the things listed. Sold items will be removed from the post after payment has been received.

There are things I would be interested in trading for, check my "wishlist" at the bottom of the post (beneath the LJ-cut).

$5. New. Icelandic movie. Icelandic sound, no subs.

"Cykeltyven", Ladri di bicilette. A Vittorio De Sica film. Audio in Italian but subtitles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish.
$5, new.

Rúdolf með rauða nefið. Movie. Icelandic dub with no subs.
$10, new.

Nikulás Litli "Le petit nicolas", a movie by Laurent Tirard. French dub, Icelandic subs.

Strákarnir Okkar by Róbert Douglas. Movie. Icelandic sound, english subs.

$5, new. Movie. English dub, danish, norwegian, swedish, finnish subs ( i think - need to double check)

$5. H. C. Andersen small story book. Pages are falling out but otherwise it's still quite readable.

$5. Small book about the flag. New.

$5. New.

$10. New.


$10 (because it's heavy).


Swedish pokemon magazine complete with stickers, last month's edition. The three pokemon cards that came with it are missing though.

Book with audio CD with songs on it. It's supposed to help you practice the various sounds in Icelandic and has some drawings of how your mouth is supposed to be shaped while saying them.

Classic Icelandic kid's story.


Willing to trade, if you have any of the following items and want something from me let me know:
- Pokémon movies or episodes with Icelandic dub/sub (i will even trade you ALL of these items for one of those)
- Old pokemon magazines in a Nordic language (preferrably with the original 150 pokemon)
- Manga or old comics in Icelandic
- The seventh book in the Little House on the Prairie series (in Icelandic)
- Narnia novels in Icelandic
- Pokemon or Professor Layton (UK or Netherlands version for Layton) videogames
- Old postcards, newspapers, magazines, et cetera.
- Greenlandic, Faroese, or Sami language stuff

Just send me a photo of what you have and I'll see if I want it.

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