juicypuffin (juicypuffin) wrote in learn_icelandic,

Icelandic by book

Started a new comm that aims to teach Icelandic specifically so you can read books as fast as possible, starting with young children's books and then getting more difficult. So the first books would only be about grammar, but as they get harder and more things than grammar are necessary (such as phrases or words that aren't in the dictionary) those will also be taught as they come up. It'll probably end with differences in written and spoken Icelandic.

I'm starting with the book for first and second graders, "Stína og Ásta", because it's written in present-tense. Then I'll move to "Svarta Kisa" which is in past-tense, and then that will be all for the elementary-level books.

There's only two lessons up now but I'll write at least a third tomorrow. If you have corrections or questions please let me know.

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