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Lærðu íslensku / Learn Icelandic
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Date:2016-01-10 06:43
Subject:New Faroese Textbook

Hey, dunno if anyone on this comm is still alive but I've just begun writing a textbook that teaches Faroese, with mentions of stuff in relation to Icelandic, Swedish and English where appropriate. I should finish it relatively soon.

It's intended for people who haven't ever learnt a Germanic language before (besides having English as a mother tongue) and those who are learning Icelandic should get a lot of use out of it since the grammar's almost exactly the same.

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Date:2014-11-10 20:38
Subject:Bókatíðindi 2014

Sæl allir, ég heyrði að Bókatíðindi 2014 er nú komið út (eða er að koma út). Ég fann PDF-útgáfu á vefinu, en mér fyndist líka gott að hafa eitthvað prentað —
vitiði hvort það er hægt að panta prentaða útgáfu nokkurs staðar? Eða er kannski einhver sem gæti sendið mér það? :) Takk fyrir!

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Date:2014-05-31 19:16
Subject:Icelandic / Íslensk hip-hop and rap transcription and translation help!

Halló, I'm looking for people to help transcribe and translate the lyrics to multiple Icelandic hip-hop and rap songs. My friends, siblings and I want to practice the language with them, but I can't find the lyrics, and I've been posting on a number of sites asking for this without success. So if any Icelandic speakers can take some time to just write down the lyrics so others can learn, it would be amazing! Even if hip-hop isn't your type of music, realise many people love it and I think Iceland can excel at it. I'm constantly impressed at how much good music Ísland creates, given it's small population. You can post the lyrics here, send them to me, or post them on this excellent lyrics translation website, and I will share them in other places :
Merci beaucoup, vielen Dank, takk fyrir!!!

Hemmi Gunn - Emmsjé Gauti feat. Blazroca (Icelanders going crazy):

Kinky - Emmsjé Gauti (chill music, pretty music video):

Bara Ég - Emmsjé Gauti (chill hip-hop, the version on his album, also called Bara Ég, is MUCH better):


Inn Og Út - Diddi Fel (sexy hip-hop):

Töfrateppi - Shades of Reykjavík (Mary Jane rap, I need just the translation for this):


Macaulay Culkin - Skuggar Reykjavíkur (creepy rap, pretty good for an amateur song and video):

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Date:2012-04-07 21:05
Subject:Online Icelandic Lessons

Hello, all!

Since people have asked in this group in the past about online learning, I just wanted to let everyone know that my former teacher, Svava Skúladóttir, is now offering Icelandic lessons online at her site Online Icelandic Lessons. I took evening courses from her for several years at University College London, and I can personally attest to the quality of her instruction. This latest undertaking of hers is a fantastic opportunity for those who aren't lucky enough to live near a school that offers Icelandic courses (which is probably most of the world).

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Date:2012-01-24 04:02
Subject:Selling books + DVDs

Prices in USD and include shipping to anywhere in the world. If you want two books, no discount - if one book is $5 and one is $10 your total will be $15. I accept paypal and physical money in any currency/international money orders/American checks (at your own risk), or bank transfers if you can transfer to an Icelandic or American account.

These things MUST go. If no one takes them I'm literally throwing them in the trash. Some of the photos aren't resized when you click on the thumbnail.
This selling post will be open and available until I take it down when we have to move, so if you are reading this it means you can still buy the things listed. Sold items will be removed from the post after payment has been received.

There are things I would be interested in trading for, check my "wishlist" at the bottom of the post (beneath the LJ-cut).

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Date:2011-08-18 13:34
Subject:icelandic first-year exams

Here's a collection of all the old exams we were given from first year in the University of Iceland's Icelandic for foreigners degree program, organized by class and semester.


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Date:2011-08-09 15:58
Subject:selling DVDs

All DVDs are $10 including shipping to anywhere. The DVDs are either brand-new or have been watched a single time, but none of them are still in plastic. I accept paypal only this time, sorry.

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Date:2011-08-09 15:27
Subject:Selling Icelandic books, newspapers

Prices include shipping to anywhere. If these are not sold by next Monday evening (15th August) then I am throwing them away.

Ask me if you want to know how many pages are in each book, but I haven't read most of them so I can't give any detailed explanations.
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NEWSPAPERS: Faroese, Greenlandic, Finnish, and Icelandic. Pay $3 per newspaper because that's how much shipping costs (I'm not charging you anything for the actual paper). You can get more than one. I'm also going to throw these out if no one wants them.

I accept paypal only this time, sorry (because I want to get rid of them fast and I can't assume your payment will come).

x-posted to learn_nordic.

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Date:2011-07-05 23:34
Subject:Selling books including Harry Potter!

Hey, I'm selling some books, all prices include shipping to anywhere. Paypal preferred but open to concealed cash or money orders (at your own risk of them being lost in the mail).

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Date:2011-07-04 01:12
Subject:Icelandic by book

Started a new comm that aims to teach Icelandic specifically so you can read books as fast as possible, starting with young children's books and then getting more difficult. So the first books would only be about grammar, but as they get harder and more things than grammar are necessary (such as phrases or words that aren't in the dictionary) those will also be taught as they come up. It'll probably end with differences in written and spoken Icelandic.

I'm starting with the book for first and second graders, "Stína og Ásta", because it's written in present-tense. Then I'll move to "Svarta Kisa" which is in past-tense, and then that will be all for the elementary-level books.

There's only two lessons up now but I'll write at least a third tomorrow. If you have corrections or questions please let me know.


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Date:2011-05-14 19:09
Subject:learning resources

a bunch of PDFs of textbooks for icelandic and stuff are here: http://www.mediafire.com/?edp73r755i0pr
there's a lot more linked here, but you have to be a member of learn_nordic to see the post: http://learn-nordic.livejournal.com/12143.html

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Date:2011-04-29 02:11
Subject:Donald Duck

You can order Donald Duck magazines in Icelandic. They come out weekly and they ship abroad too: http://www.edda.is/klubbar/andres-ond/

If you don't have a kennitala, I forgot what number you're supposed to put (I think it's 9999999999? I have no idea). You can probably Email them and ask about it if a number like that doesn't work.

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Date:2011-04-05 22:07
Subject:Nintendo DS Icelandic-English Dictionary / Slang words in Icelandic

Sometime in the future (this summer or later) if it's possible I want to start making a touchscreen Icelandic-English dictionary for the Nintendo DS. This would mean putting together existing dictionaries and updating them if needed, considering most of the dictionaries out there are fairly old.

I'm looking for words, phrases, and meanings that probably wouldn't be in existing dictionaries, whether that's slang words or unusual words. Updated definitions would also be very helpful. If anyone could think of some, I'd add them to the dictionary as I make it.

Last note: Don't get your hopes up on it being finished soon, it could take two years or more. Also, my computer died and I lost most of my data so it could be a long time before I make another magazine.

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Date:2011-02-17 21:15
Subject:Trying it out...

I have a question for the community, particularly the native Icelandic speakers, as I will soon be returning to Reykjavík for a visit.

Over the past three years, I have spent a solid two learning Icelandic on my own, using books, audio recordings, and online resources. At this point, I feel like I could probably walk up to a hot dog stand and order a snack and a drink without a problem...so long as everyone stays on script!

You see, the problem with learning from CDs and books is that you get really used to “conversations” following a script. I know that my Icelandic skills are not advanced enough to hold a “real” conversation, so I am afraid that if I try to use my limited Icelandic skills out in a bar or restaurant I am going to become totally confused the second someone says something I am not expecting to hear.

So, my question is, how much should I try to speak Icelandic? I mean, is it seen as really annoying, or even rude, to have an American flounder about as he tries to communicate in Icelandic, or should I default to “Fyrirgefðu, talarðu ensku?”

I am really excited at the idea of trying out some of my Icelandic, but I really don't want to offend or bore anybody with my nonsense, either.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Date:2011-01-11 14:57
Subject:Icelandic Online PLUS


Icelandic Online PLUS is an 8-week course open to all those interested in Icelandic language and culture.

Icelandic Online PLUS is a distance learning course with special focus on oral and written comprehension, grammar and written production. There are additional assignments and individual feedback in the PLUS course which do not appear in the free course.

Icelandic Online PLUS I: February 7th – April 1st 2011:
A beginner level course (A1) focusing on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and reading.

Icelandic Online PLUS II: February 7th – April 1st 2011:
An intermediate course (A2) focusing on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and reading. Open to all those who have completed Icelandic Online PLUS I or have basic skills in Icelandic language.

Both courses will run again in October – November 2011
Registration is open till January 30th
Price: 40.000 ISK (approx. 330$ or 260€.

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Date:2010-11-11 02:10

More notes, if you missed the previous ones they're all tagged under "notes" on that comm.
Sept: http://community.livejournal.com/learn_nordic/16918.html
Oct: http://community.livejournal.com/learn_nordic/17415.html

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Date:2010-11-03 18:08
Subject:Halastjarnan: Moomin book on sale

On sale for 2.120kr at Forlagið.is

International shipping available
Softcover, 156 pages.

Other Icelandic Moomin books are all out of print except for "Moomin learns to count!" baby books.

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Date:2010-10-27 23:44

more notes from classes: http://community.livejournal.com/learn_nordic/16122.html

will compile stuff in a zip later, probably this weekend if i remember

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Date:2010-09-27 20:02

Compiled questions, answers, and information from this comm because it doesn't use tags. I only looked at the entries with descriptive titles.

Decided I'll compile all my notes, etc. from classes monthly to make things easier. I'll try to finish the next magazine issue soon but I keep abandoning it in favour of other things.

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Date:2010-09-22 12:45
Subject:news search engine

I don't know if non-students can access it, but try it:

Ágæti viðtakandi,
Nemendur og starfsmenn Háskóla Íslands hafa nú aðgang að Fréttaleit.is

Fréttaleit.is er eina leitarvélin sem vistar á einum stað fréttir og aðra
umfjöllun helstu fjölmiðla hér á landi á tölvutæku formi.

Leitarvélin er einföld í notkun og nýtist vel, bæði fyrir kennara og
nemendur, þar sem mjög auðvelt er að finna heimildir úr fréttaheiminum
þegar verið er að undirbúa kennslu, skrifa ritgerðir eða gera verkefni.
T.d. ef nemandi í lögfræði væri að vinna verkefni um Baugsmálið þá gæti
hann fundið alla fréttaumfjöllun um það tiltekna mál á fréttaleit.is.

Farið er inná frettaleit.is á þráðlausa neti skólans þar er leitarvélin virk.

Fréttaleitin er sambærileg hefðbundnum leitarvélum. Þegar leitarskilyrði
hafa verið skilgreind er smellt á „sækja“.

Leitarniðurstaðan raðar upp viðkomandi umfjöllun, tilgreinir upprunamiðil
og fyrirsögn. Ef smellt er á fyrirsögnina birtist

fréttin/umfjöllunin í heild sinni ásamt ýmsum lýsigögnum, s.s.
staðsetningu blaðafréttar eða lengd ljósvakafréttar í sekúndum.

Gagnagrunnurinn spannar alla helstu blaða- og ljósvakamiðla frá 1. mars
2005 og veffréttamiðla frá nóvember 2009.
Dear students,
Now students have access to the Icelandic news search engine.

You simply have to got www.frettaleit.is and it works like every other
search engine. This can help students to write essays and solve
assingments in the university.

Frettaleit.is covers all newspapers articles and TV-news from 1. March
2005. And all internet news from 1. November 2009 in the Icelandic media.

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